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The Texas Cobra Club is a loosely organized gang folks who love to pay homage to one of the coolest automobiles ever built…the Shelby Cobra!  The Cobra came to life in Southern California back in the early ’60’s.  Carroll Shelby, a semi-retired race car driver and mechanic, merged a light-weight British sport-car with one of the strongest engines that ever came out of Detroit.  The result was the Cobra.

While the common thread among our members is our cars, they have never been our focal point. Our motto has always been: “It’s not about the cars, it’s about the people.”

There are over 350 Shelby Cobras, Daytona Coupe, and GT-40 replicas in Texas. We have Chapters in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas/Ft Worth, Houston, and El Paso. Most chapters get together about once a month. There are no monthly dues and our get-togethers usually center around breakfast tacos, loaded nachos or some kind of red meat.

In the late spring, usually the last weekend in March, we hold the Texas Cobra Club Spring Meet in San Marcos, TX.  For the past few years, the Meet has been held at the Embassy Suites Hotel in San Marcos, TX. We cruise the Hill Country, get track-time at Harris Hill Raceway, and sit around around in the hotel lobby or parking lot telling lies about out running cops, beating a wise-guy in a ‘Vette, or how many co-eds flashed us wanting a ride.

We also hold a Fall Meet in October.  The location varies from year to year, but is usually deep in the Texas Hill Country.

Our usual means of communication is through ClubCobra.com under the Texas Cobra Club forum, the Austin Cobra Club Yahoo Group’s Page, the Houston Cobra Club Yahoo Group’s Page, or through Facebook.

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Our latest bit of press from May 2016 starts on page 50.  Click the cover to see the feature article

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Here is the article that appeared in Kit Car Builder Magazine May-June 2014. Click on the photo and go to page 42 for the article:


Here is the article that appeared in Kit Car Builder Magazine #59 Jan-Feb 2012:

“What happens when you combine the Texas Hill Country, absolutely perfect spring weather, and over 100 Cobras?  … in South Central Texas, they call it the Texas Cobra Club Spring Meet.

Held annually in the closing days of March and hosted by the Austin Chapter of the Texas Cobra Club, the meet draws Cobra, Daytona, and GT40 owners from all over Texas and neighboring states, as well as guests from afar. The 2011 event (March 24th-27th, 2011) was the twelfth annual installment.

Embarking daily from the Embassy Suites San Marcos host hotel, the winding back roads of the Texas Hill Country laid ripe for the taking again this year as attendees enjoyed partly-sunny days with 70-80° temps. Whether cruising the Devil’s Backbone, or the River Road along the banks and bluffs of the Guadalupe, or fanning out to other famous Texas haunts such as Luckenbach, Wimberley, orFredericksburg, most in driver-navigator pairs logged 350+ scenic and twisty miles in packs of 5 to 15 cars.

Attractions in the immediate vicinity which some enjoyed instead of so much seat time included tours of the Simpson Racing helmet factory and the Commemorative Air Force Squadron of functional WWII era planes… and, for better or worse, the Tanger Outlet Mall (so ladies, bring your Visa).

Some meet attendees participated in a daylong road-racing-styled driving experience. The 1.8mile Harris Hill Road Course played host to Texas Cobra Club’s 2nd Annual Charity Track Event. The field, consisting of about 20 Cobras, a few exotics, and several vintage 60’s and 70’s Mustangs, was kept tight by grid-chief Jay Nordstrom.

Highlights for all in attendance included registrant goodie bags, nightly parking-lot gatherings, raffle prizes, cookouts sponsored by Lone Star Classics and Hurricane Motorsports (hostesses from Bikini’s Sport Bar and Grill), a Banquet & Auction evening, event and club t-shirts, a group photo, as well as daily cooked to order breakfasts and generous, nightly happy hours provided by the hotel.

With four-days of fun and over 100 Cobras, breakdowns and mechanical peculiarities did occur. All difficulties were quickly remedied, on-site, at the able hands of Keith Craft, James Yale (Radical Roadsters of Texas), and Rob Camp (C&S Performance).

Proceeds from the Charity Track Event, silent auction, and all raffle ticket and cookout sales went to Operation Comfort’s Automotivation Program.  Automotivation is a rehabilitation organization that gives wounded warriors the opportunity to learn and develop skills in automotive repair and restoration. With the generous support of sponsors and event participants, the Texas Cobra Club Spring Meet made a donation cresting $10,000 to Automotivation this year.

The Texas Cobra Club Spring Meet is just that, a meet and not a show. It is a venue to exchange ideas and share experiences with like-minded enthusiasts, builders, and drivers – past, present, and future. To coin the TCC motto, “It’s not about the cars, it’s about the people.” The common thread of the attendees may be to pay homage to one of the greatest automobiles ever made, but without the people, it just another weekend in March. Plans are underway for the 13th Annual Texas Cobra Club Spring Meet… stay tuned at www.texascobrameet.com… what are your plans for March 29 – April 1, 2012?”

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