General Info

Welcome to the 2017 Texas Cobra Club Spring Meet website. This will be the 18th annual TCC Spring Meet.  The Event will be held Wednesday, March 29th through Sunday, April 02 at the Embassy Suite Hotel and Convention Center in San Marcos, TX, about 30 miles south of Austin.   Each year this event grows larger and larger.  We are now recognized as one of the top 3 Cobra Events in the US.  In 2016 we had over 140 Cobras, GT-40s, and Daytona Coupes in San Marcos for our event and almost every manufacturer of Cobras is in attendance.  We have drawn attendees from over 30 different states as well as Canada and Mexico.

So far this year we have 12 different states represented.

Please look for us on Facebook Group Page and under the events forum and under the Texas Cobra Club forum. We also have a Facebook page.

Registration numbers as of:  03.26.17    3 days to go!

Number of attendees and guests: 229

Number of cars:  135

Number of Banquet Ticket sold:  192

Track Day Participants: 15

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